Monitoring Radiation at Fukushima School

Photo | 31 August, 2011

Greenpeace radiation expert Iryna Labunska checks radiation levels at a high school in Fukushima city. The school was decontaminated by the authorities, however, contamination levels well above international safety levels persist. Greenpeace has been monitoring radioactive contamination of food, sea life and the environment in the region surrounding the crisis-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant since March, and has continually called for a “protective status” for the area. This would include comprehensive, wide-ranging screening and decontamination measures, and for vulnerable groups - such as pregnant women and children – still living in highly contaminated areas outside the mandatory 30km exclusion zone, such as Fukushima City, to be relocated. 08/17/2011

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Underwater beauty

Image gallery | 3 July, 2014

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