Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel

Standard Page - 5 October, 2013
Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel

Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel

Crew Member
Age: 31

Ana lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Ana Paula is a 31-year-old biologist and a crewmember on Greenpeace ships. She is the youngest of her three siblings and has been with Greenpeace since 2006, when she first began volunteering for the organisation in Brazil.

According to her mom Rosangela, Ana Paula has been an activist since she was little, never hesitating to protect nature, whether in the city or on any other part of the planet.

"She was born to be an activist, it is her gift. When she’s at home, she does not let anyone use plastic bags. Being an environmentalist is her full-time commitment, 24 hours a day, and she does that with great pleasure.”