Denis Sinyakov

Standard Page - 5 October, 2013
Peter Henry Willcox

Denis Sinyakov

Freelance Photographer
Age: 36

Denis was born and grew up in Obninsk - a small town in the Moscow region.

He is married with one young son.

Denis is a successful journalist and photographer who has worked internationally in his field for 10 years.

From an early childhood Denis was a perfectionist. This helped him graduate High School and a prestigious Russian University with honours.

Denis became a freelancer in order to concentrate on the photography projects which most interested him personally. One of his projects was about migrant workers, and he used his photos to tell stories about their lives.

Denis loves to drive his motorcycle in summer and go snowboarding in winter. In the preliminary hearing in Murmansk, Denis said:

"The criminal activity I am blamed for is called journalism. I will keep doing it. Greenpeace is an organization with a 40-year history and is well known for its activities. But I don’t work for it. I am a journalist. You can see my photos in the media in Russia and all over the world. All my equipment has been seized. My only weapon is my camera."