Gizem Akhan

Standard Page - 11 October, 2013
Gizem Akhan

Gizem Akhan

Crew Member
Age: 24

Gizem is from Istanbul, Turkey.

Gizem has always believed in leading a simple life that is respectful of all living things. She has dedicated her life to this principle.

In her middle-school years, Gizem helped collect clothes and books for underprivileged children. When she turned 18, she and her father arrived at the Greenpeace Mediterranean office in Istanbul to volunteer. Since then, she has been an active volunteer in many campaigns.

Gizem lives on one of the Prince's Islands off the coast of Istanbul together with her cat, Momo. Here, she finds the peace and simplicity that is hard to find in the city centre.

Gizem left her studies in International Finance to study Gastronomy. Her specialty is deserts and she also used to bring fresh baked cheesecakes every time she visited the Istanbul office and her friends back home really look forward to tasting more of her delicious cakes and pies.