Kieron Bryan

Standard Page - 4 October, 2013
Kieron Bryan

Kieron Bryan

Freelance Videographer
United Kingdom
Age: 29

Kieron is from Devon, United Kingdom

Kieron is a talented filmmaker and videographer from Southwest England. He has had an accomplished career; previously working at The Times, the Mirror and Current TV. Kieron was nominated for an award in 2012 for his work covering American politics.

He left The Times in January to pursue freelance opportunities and was employed by Greenpeace on a short-term contract to document the organisation’s work on Russian oil exploration in the Arctic Circle.

This was his second commission with Greenpeace International, having first travelled round the west coast of Norway on the Arctic Sunrise, where he made these two pieces:

He also made this film aboard the Sunrise with the crew he is now detained with:

His parents describe him as a very kind, caring individual, and say that environmental issues have always been very close to his heart.