Mannes Ubels

Standard Page - 5 October, 2013
Peter Henry Willcox

Mannes Ubels

Crew Member
Age: 42

Mannes is from Oudeschip, Netherlands.

Mannes is a highly skilled member of the crew aboard the Arctic Sunrise with a passion for engineering. He is an experienced sailor and has travelled to both poles to document climate change and Japanese whaling.

Mannes’ friends describe him as a loyal and gentle man with a green heart and a dry sense of humour. He is dedicated to non-violent peaceful action.

In 2001 Mannes chained himself for hours to the anchor chain of the ship the ‘Saga Tide’, which was transporting timber products originating from the primal forests of Canada. His photo travelled the world over and even became the cover of the book ‘30 years of Greenpeace in The Netherlands’.

Mannes went on this trip to protect the Arctic from oil companies like Gazprom and Shell.