Paul Ruzycki

Standard Page - 5 October, 2013
Paul Ruzycki

Paul Ruzycki

Crew Member
Age: 48

Paul is from Port Colborne, Canada.

Sailing runs in Paul’s family. His father was a sailor, and Paul himself began sailing in the 1980s. Out on the water he saw the harm being done to the environment in many locales, and began to wonder what he could do to help. When the Greenpeace vessel, MV Beluga, came to Montreal, he raced there to volunteer on board.

Paul is a courageous and peaceful man who is dedicated to his ideals. He has travelled around the world to witness environmental atrocities; from over-fishing on Canada’s East coast, to nuclear testing in the South Pacific, to logging in British Columbia and whale slaughter in Antarctica.

Paul is a self-trained blacksmith, and in his spare time he builds, welds and creates art. He is also learning to play the fiddle.