Philip Ball

Standard Page - 3 October, 2013
Phillip Ball

Phil Ball

United Kingdom

Phil lives in Oxford, United Kingdom

He is a devoted father to three children aged eight, seven and three-years-old.

Phil is a committed environmentalist. He spends much of his spare time teaching his children about the beauty of the countryside around where they live, and often entertains friends and colleagues with photos and tales of their outdoor adventures.

Phil has been an active member of his local Greenpeace group, in Oxford, since 2007. He has campaigned on a range of issues including, forests and sustainable fishing, and in 2008 he went aboard the Rainbow Warrior for its Coal Tour. Phil is a talented cameraman and is passionate about using his craft to improve the world. His dedication to environmental campaigning is well-thought through. He is kind, intelligent and funny, and takes on new challenges with gusto. He was excited and nervous about going.