Roman Dolgov

Standard Page - 5 October, 2013
Roman Dolgov

Roman Dolgov

Age: 44

Roman was born in Moscow, Russia.

Roman’s school studies focused on the English language. Following his success with languages he went on to the Moscow State Linguistic University.

Roman is a translator by profession who has spent his entire life working for non-governmental organisations. When Roman first started to work with Greenpeace, in the 1990s, he covered anti-war topics. For the past two years he has been deeply involved with working on environmental issues.

Since his early childhood Roman has had a love of music. He enjoys reading books and writing poetry. A fan of the “Russian romantic” style of music, he often sings when his friends ask him to. He is a passionate traveler, and has visited many countries. Although, given the choice, he prefers to travel to Crimea -- choosing the simple pleasures of an informal holiday.

Roman has a lot of friends and relatives who love him a lot and are waiting for him to come home.