Look at these amazing things we’ve achieved together. Let’s celebrate!

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Standard Page - 17 March, 2014
This is truly astounding. Just a few months into 2014, we’re already celebrating sensational victories for the planet.



You may have already heard the great news following this month's wonderful International Court of Justice's ruling: Japan has officially cancelled the Southern Ocean whale hunt in 2014! But that's not all we have to celebrate - just a few months into the year, we've already seen great wins for the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia's forests and the precious Arctic.

This year, Greenpeace revealed how multinational giant Proctor & Gamble was sourcing dirty palm oil from the destruction of Indonesia's ancient forests. Now, thanks to pressure from 400,000 Greenpeace supporters all around the world - including tens of thousands of you in Australia - Proctor & Gamble has agreed to a No Deforestation policy by 2020! And that's not all - Proctor & Gamble joins a growing list of companies that are commiting to cleaning up their supply chains: Nestle, L'Oreal, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Mars, Kelloggs, Safeway, Delhaize, Ferrero, GAR and Wilmar.

Two more coal port construction companies, Lend Lease and Anglo Coal, have followed BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto and cancelled new developments that would threaten the Great Barrier Reef. This means one of several Abbot Point coal terminals, AP-X, could be permanently shelved, helping save the Reef from becoming a coal ship superhighway.

The European Parliament has backed Greenpeace’s vision for an Arctic Sanctuary. It would create the biggest conservation zone in existing, protecting fish stocks and a huge variety of ice-dependant and cold water species. It’s clearly not the end, but it’s a massive step forward for our Save The Arctic campaign.

Join the celebration!

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Greenpeace supporters have stood at the heart of this change. It’s our hard work, passion, and persistent dedication that has led to these wins. There’s a lot of work coming up this year -- but more on all that soon. Today, let’s take a moment to reflect on all we’ve achieved together.

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