Fast-Food Forest Destruction

Standard Page - 20 May, 2012
Whilst we’ve singled out KFC and parent company Yum! Brands’ role in forest destruction, other fast food companies also have significant impacts on forests and are likely to be using APP paper, as well as other products like soya and palm oil that are often linked to deforestation.

How they stack up

We’ve written to some of the major fast food companies around the world with this letter and asked them to get back to us. We’ll be updating this page as the information comes in.

McDonalds has a ‘Sustainable Land Management Commitment’ (SLMC) publicly introduced in March 2011, which includes standards barring practices currently employed by APP. McDonald’s has also confirmed to Greenpeace that it is informing suppliers to avoid APP due to these standards. Greenpeace is awaiting more details on the global implementation of the SLMC.
Burger King
Waiting for response from Burger King.
Waiting for response from Wendy's.
Dairy Queen
Waiting for response from Dairy Queen.
Waiting for response from Starbucks.
Waiting for response from Subway.
Waiting for response from Domino's.
Krispy Kream
Waiting for response from Krispy Kreme.
Dunkin Donats
Waiting for response from Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins .


20 May, 2012