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How to Climb an Oil Rig – in Pictures

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 11 April, 2015

What you need to climb an oil rig a very good reason (to stop Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic) an oil rig (Shell drill rig, bound for the Arctic) 1. Locate oil rig 2. Drive boat alongside and board 3. Set up rope for your team mates to come...

Death by plastic: Why are turtles dying near Sydney?

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 10 April, 2015

Why are sea turtles dying at an unprecedented rate near Sydney? And what can do about it? Marine plastic pollution has become a huge problem affecting all of the world’s oceans – up to a third of this material comes from the beverage industry.

Human Repercussion

Blog entry by Penny Mercoulia | 9 April, 2015

Whales have dominated the world’s oceans for centuries, but they have suffered tremendously in the name of tradition. It is estimated, that due to harvesting in the last century, nearly 3 million cetaceans have been wiped out by whaling fleets.

Life choices, and hopes for the future

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 8 April, 2015

Blog post by Andreas Widlund on board the Polar Pioneer My name is Andreas Widlund. I am 27 years old, and I grew up in Umeå in the Northern part of Sweden. As you read this, I will have boarded Shell’s oil rig, Polar Pioneer, that is on the way...

My reasons for climbing up a 100-meter high oil rig

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 7 April, 2015

Blog post by Zoe Buckley Lennox – On board the Esperanza – Follow @zoevirginia  Before I head off, I want to share with you my reasons for climbing up a 100-meter high oil rig, perched on the back of a cargo ship, swaying in the middle of the...

WTF? The question you should be asking this Easter

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 2 April, 2015

We’re a salty bunch here in Australia. We love being by the sea, on the sea and we love eating what’s in the sea. Over the Easter weekend alone, we’ll eat about $25 million worth of our fishy friends. With that in mind, here’s a few simple...

Mountains of the sea: 7 photos of waves that you won’t believe are real

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 2 April, 2015

I don’t often admit it, but I’m a little scared of the ocean. It’s majestic and beautiful – but it’s also more powerful than we can imagine. These photographs of waves – frozen in mountain-like peaks just before they come crashing back down –...

Cyclone Pam: Before and after images of the destruction

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 30 March, 2015

On March 13 and 14, Cyclone Pam tore through the island nations of Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands. These aerial photos reveal the devastating impacts of Vanuatu’s worst natural disaster. Right now, our friends in the Pacific...

Have your say on Reef dumping here!

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 25 March, 2015

Right now, there are some sinister plans underway for our Reef. Indian coal giant Adani is hoping to get approval to dredge in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area for their Carmichael megamine project. They wanted to dump all their spoil...

The Reef is fine – except it’s not

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 24 March, 2015

The Australian government is running a PR campaign to convince the world that the Great Barrier Reef is fine – most recently inviting international journalists to take a guided tour of the Reef. With a 50% decline in coral cover since 1985, we...

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