Sydney: join the Ice Ride for the Arctic

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Standard Page - 17 July, 2013
Jump on your bike and ride past iconic Sydney landmarks and Shell petrol stations in a global day of action to raise the alarm on dangerous oil drilling in the Arctic.

Thousands of Arctic defenders around the world will be hitting the streets for the Ice Ride. The date coincides with the year’s expected sea ice minimum, when Arctic sea ice melts to its lowest point and exposes the dangerous consequences of climate change.

Essential details:

  • When: From 4pm, Sunday 15 September
  • Where: We’ll meet at Wentworth Park, Ultimo (William Henry/Bay St. Entrance). From there, we’ll travel past iconic Sydney landmarks and Shell petrol stations with an aim to finish by sunset at The Cricketers Arms hotel in Surry Hills.
  • What to bring: You will need your own bike and a bell or whistle. Riders should come equipped with helmets and lights and adhere to the NSW road safety rules. Dress in white and prepare to ride for the Arctic.
  • Who should come: This is a family-friendly event. Please bring along friends and loved ones.

About the campaign:

The sea ice at the top of the world is melting to record lows. Yet oil companies, including Shell, are lining up to drill for oil in the fragile Arctic. As the ice reaches its lowest point of the year, the movement to save the Arctic will come together to send a clear message to oil giants that we want to Arctic to stay beautiful.

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