Sumatran jungle challenge 2011

Standard Page - 14 November, 2010
Pack your bags and get ready to join our very first Sumatran jungle challenge 2011. This is an exciting opportunity to match your environmental passion with adventure.

Sumatra Jungle Challenge 2011

Join us and witness the beauty and wilderness of the Sumatran Jungle in Indonesia, while helping to protect its very existence.

Greenpeace brings you a unique journey into the heart of the Sumatran Jungle. With skilled guides you will trek for seven glorious days, witness orangutans in their natural surroundings, discover rainforest species you didn't know existed and help support our vital work.

You'll have the opportunity to document your experiences in words and images that can be shared with Greenpeace supporters to clearly show the type of environment we are all striving to protect.

As one of our valued supporters, we are giving you the first opportunity to take part in this inspiring adventure. There are only 20 places available, so reserve yours now!

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