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The Great Barrier Reef is changing... 

Sign our petition to protect this incredible place.  Take action now

Stop plastic pollution!

Yes! I want 'Cash for Containers' now

Plastic pollution in our oceans is choking our marine life to death. It’s a terrible problem -- but one that we can fix if we act together.

Label my fish

Label My Fish!

Are you eating in the dark? Tell the Federal Government: I want to know what seafood I am eating – and demand accurate labelling.

Stop Super Trawlers

Stop Super Trawlers

URGENT: Destructive super trawlers could be back in Australian waters by November. Tell your Federal MP that you want a permanent ban on super trawlers before it's too late!

Take action online

Help save the Arctic

The melting Arctic is under threat from oil drilling, industrial fishing and conflict. Sign the petition now