Rio+20: na de beloften de daden?

Rapport - 11 juni, 2012
Van 20 tot 22 juni heeft in Rio de Top van de Aarde plaats. Naar aanleiding hiervan heeft Greenpeace een reeks documenten opgesteld over de verschillende milieuthema’s die aan bod zullen komen. Veel leesplezier.

Rio+20: General

A just and fair Green Economy
Greenpeace expectations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development at Rio de Janeiro, 20-22 June 2012

How some powerful corporations are standing in the way of sustainable development

This report is a sequel to the Greenpeace Book on Greenwash that was published a
few days before the 1992 Earth Summit. That report documented the special relationship
and undue influence that big business had on the Rio process.

Sustainable Development Governance
Will Rio+20 finally agree to upgrade UNEP into a UN Environment Agency? There are many institutions dealing with social agendas or the environment, but they are not coordinated, lack adequate powers and are much weaker than economic and trade bodies such as the World Trade Organization, that can impose punitive fines on members flouting their rules.

Beyond GDP
Measuring what really matters to our prosperity and future

Twenty years ago in Rio, governments acknowledged that we needed new concepts for wealth and prosperity. Measuring well-being with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) alone wasn’t working, and there was a need for new concepts that would allow higher standards of living through changed lifestyles less dependent on the Earth’s finite resources and more in harmony with the Earth’s carrying capacity.

Rio+20: Agriculture

A New Direction for Agriculture
Sustainable agriculture and GMO free agriculture can deliver for 9 billion people if governments listen to people not big agribusiness.

Rio+20: Energy

Rio+20 should deliver concrete commitments on fossil fuel subsidy reform
A global consensus is emerging on the need to eliminate the estimated US$750 billion in public funds spent each year on fossil fuel subsidies. The Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development presents should be the place turn talk into action.

Rio+20: Ocean

The Oceans Rescue Plan for Rio+20
Six steps for successful oceans negotiations - June 2012
Our oceans give us life. Billions of people depend on them for their food and for employment. In return, we are plundering them of fish, choking them with pollution and altering them forever with the impacts of human-induced climate change, harming the very source of our prosperity.

Rio+20: Forest

Rio+20 and the Future of Forests
The Need for Zero Deforestation in the Amazon
June 2012