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It’s time Walmart Canada lives up to its sustainability promises and finally put more responsibly-caught tuna in its Great Value brand cans. Ask Walmart to deliver a Holiday Miracle, make Great ValueS tuna real! Share this post and tag @WalmartCanada if you agree!


Give oceans & customers the gift of @WMGreatValueS tuna this holiday #SaveOceans #MerryandBright

Imagine if Walmart Canada replaced its destructively-fished Great Value brand tuna with products that actually had great values behind the label? Tuna from more sustainable and socially responsible fisheries? Tuna that its customers could be certain was not caught using the most destructive tuna fishing methods that put threatened species further at risk?

Given Walmart’s track record on tuna sustainability, it sounds a bit like a holiday miracle.

But sometimes miracles do come true. And Greenpeace Canada is hoping that during this festive season of giving, doing good, and helping others, Walmart Canada will give a gift to the oceans and help ensure seafood workers are treated fairly by supporting fisheries doing the right thing.

Walmart has made sustainability promise after sustainability promise but for the average consumer seeking more sustainable tuna in Great Value brand cans, they’ve been out of luck... but not as out of luck as the wasted marine life and mistreated seafood workers that are characteristic of a tuna industry out of control.

So we’re showing Walmart what being green below the surface looks like by launching Great ValueS brand. We did a spoof launch of Great ValueS brand, highlighting a skipjack product caught using purse seines not employing harmful fish aggregating devices (FADs) – a fishing method known to put pressure on already vulnerable species of tuna caught as bycatch, to dramatically increase the fishing capacity and pressure on tuna stocks, and to also catch threatened species of sharks and numerous other species including turtles. Walmart also sources tuna from longline fisheries known to kill seabirds, turtles, sharks and marine life.

Our oceans need a break. And the people who work to bring tuna from sea to shelf need to be treated with dignity. Walmart can be part of the solution and join other industry leaders working to transform the tuna industry through their supply chains. There are best practice fishing methods that reduce impacts on marine life, and Walmart is long overdue to source from them.

Join us in demanding Walmart switch its destructive Great Value brand tuna for better tuna. Send a tweet or share on facebook above!