New Hands on Deck

Page - September 13, 2011
When the new Rainbow Warrior III sets out in October to fight the environmental threats to the planet and provide hope for the future, it will sail with a new crew of young activists —the New Hands on Deck.

The New Hands are a group of nine young Rainbow Warriors from all parts of the world. They stand ready to continue the proud heritage passed on by the original founders of Greenpeace.


One of the New Hands is Greenpeace fundraiser and activist Seychelle Cloutier-Collard who is based in Montreal. Seychelle shares her birthday with Greenpeace. She and the other New Hands will celebrate Greenpeace’s diversity, vitality and vision that remain strongly in place after 40 years of campaigning. The other New Hands are from the U.S., South Africa, Fiji Islands, China, Denmark, Argentina, India and Spain.


The New Hands on Deck will work to protect the earth against nuclear testing and will also work on protecting the oceans, the climate, and nature. They will work to add to the long list of Greenpeace victories. Their work is important given the long list of challenges the world faces. Today we use resources as if we had five planets, leaving our one planet under severe pressure.


The New Hands on Deck want a world that lives in peace and uses the earth’s resources sustainably with sun, wind and water powering our homes and factories, with the boreal forests protected from destruction, with the climate saved and with the oceans, home to two-thirds of animal species, saved.


The New Hands on Deck believe as strongly as the 11 founders of Greenpeace that peaceful, direct confrontation and a belief in fighting for what you believe in can bring change.


Seychelle got involved with Greenpeace three years ago as a face-to-face fundraiser and a volunteer. She regards Greenpeace her family and takes part in a wide range of activities, from painting banners, to assisting campaigns, to taking part in actions, to talking to people in the streets.  She has also canvassed with Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo.


Seychelle’s biggest action took place in the tar sands in Alberta. She and a handful of other activists helped stop a tar sands operation for hours to send a message that Canada needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Shutting down the tar sands is one important way to make Canada more climate friendly.


Seychelle says she feels blessed and really lucky to be part of the New Hands and sees it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will strengthen her love for and devotion to Greenpeace. She hopes to consolidate her will to act for the Earth for her generation and to learn from long-time activists.


She joined Greenpeace because she cannot watch the harm being done to the Earth without acting in some way. She hopes the world will find a way of living sustainably.