Rainbow Warrior III

Page - August 10, 2011
The Rainbow Warrior III will become the new iconic symbol of hope from Greenpeace and a protector of the planet.

The new ship will continue a campaigning style that began when the Rainbow Warrior I took on the whaling industry in 1978. Since then, Rainbow Warriors I and II have helped end nuclear testing, blocked coal ports to draw attention to climate change, closed down destructive fishing operations and stopped shipments of illegal logs from the Amazon.

Greenpeace commissioned the new ship in July 2009 when it signed a contract with the Fassmer Yard in Germany. At a cost of nearly 21 million euros, the RW III will be the world’s first custom-built environmental campaigning vessel. Greenpeace has raised much of the money for the new ship but still needs to raise more. Your donation today will help us pay for the new, improved Rainbow Warrior.

The ship, a unique staysail schooner design, features an aluminum A-frame mast that will provide clean and efficient propulsion. The ship will be as fast as the industrial vessels it challenges. It has a landing pad so helicopters can be deployed as an eye in the sky to check on illegal activities. Inflatable boats can be launched from the ship in minutes, even in waves up to 3.5 metres.

The ship can carry up to eight tonnes of specialized equipment and scientists can conduct analysis on board to understand what is happening to the earth’s eco-systems. A sophisticated media centre includes on-board satellite communication so live footage from the scene of environmental crimes can be streamed to media around the world.

The Rainbow Warrior III is environmentally friendly, a green ship for a green planet. The ship will operate mainly under wind power, with support when needed from diesel-electric engines. The A-frame mast and hull design significantly reduce fuel consumption. The heat from the engines will be recycled to warm water and crew cabins. Grey and black water will be treated biologically. The paint is toxic free.

The Rainbow Warrior III is registered in the Netherlands. It is a motor sail launch with a length of about 58 metres and gross tonnage of 838 tonnes. The A-frame mast carries five sails with a total sail surface of 1290 square meters. It can accommodate 32 persons, has a maximum speed of 15 knots and a cruising range of 4,500 nautical miles.

The Rainbow Warrior III will go through sea testing in September and be delivered to Greenpeace in early October.

Help us pay for the new Rainbow Warrior. Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments and corporations. We depend on people like you to build the RWIII.

We need Your donation today to help raise the funding needed for the new, improved Rainbow Warrior.