In the last few days more than 10,000 people came together across the globe to take a stand for the Arctic and to mark Earth Day 2013.  As climate change dramatically melts Arctic sea ice and sea levels rise, we’re reminded that the impacts of climate change and the threats to the Arctic really do affect us all.  So Greenpeace brought together thousands of people in communities worldwide to create human banners, using our bodies to spell out “I ♥ Arctic”.  Including in cities across Canada. 

The resulting international photo gallery is a vibrant reminder that when we stand together in unity our voice is stronger, more effective, but also (and especially in this case) more heart warming and inspiring.  In total we collectively mobilized in more than 280 cities, in 38 countries. Greenpeacers around the globe stood together demanding the uninhabited areas of the Arctic be off limits to oil drilling and industrial fishing.  Ironically, these industries are only able to expand in the Arctic because of climate change.

Greenpeace will present these demands and our “I ♥ Arctic” photos to the Arctic Council when they meet on May 15th in Kiruna, Sweden.  

Comprised of foreign ministers and senior officials from Arctic states, the Arctic Council is one of the governing bodies whose decisions will greatly influence the future of the Arctic and our planet. Through our collective action they’ll also know the whole world is watching.  Each of the Foreign Ministers, as well as the Arctic Council's Permanent Participants of the Arctic's Indigenous Peoples, will receive a book featuring our photos, to ensure they hear our hopes and demands for strong Arctic protection.

Our Earth Day mobilizations brought an ever growing international movement together in positive action.  Almost three million people have signed on to support the Save the Arctic campaign, and the list is growing by the day!  If you haven’t already, sign-on to our campaign today, and join the call for a global sanctuary at the top of the world!

Huge thanks to our amazing volunteers, donors and campaign supporters around the world who continue to make our work to save the Arctic a reality, and who made “I ♥ Arctic” 2013 such a success.  That includes the dedicated work of our volunteer network in Canada, with special thanks to participating Local Groups, supporters and volunteers in Kelowna, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. 

Check out the photos below to see our Arctic Defenders in action across the country!

Natalie Caine is the Volunteer Program Coordinator for Greenpeace Canada.  To find out more about volunteering for Greenpeace, visit:

Kelowna, B.C.

Kelowna Local Gropu I Heart Arctic April 2013


Toronto, ON

I heart arctic Toronto April 2013

Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Local Group I Heart Arctic April 2013


Quebec City, QC

Quebec City Local Group I Heart Arctic April 2013