BC children want the GE labelledThursday, May 8, Victoria: The day after GE Labelling Bill C-517 was defeated in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Greenpeace delivered a petition to the BC legislature with over 22,200 signatures asking for the province to label GE foods, since the federal government lacks leadership.  A two meter high pyramid of unlabelled cans of food was constructed on the steps of the BC legislature.  Representatives of both official parties came to accept the petitions.  See below for pictures of the event as well as for text of the petitions being presented in the BC legislature. 

Today, just four days after delivering these petitions, MLA Gregor Robertson (NDP-Vancouver Fairview), tabled in the BC Legislature a Right to Know act, which will provide for mandatory labelling of genetically engineered foods as well as labelling of and protections against toxic and cancer causing products.  The full text of the Right to Know act is available here.

BC children want the GE labelled 1 2Unlabelled Cans at BC legislature

cans and volunteers 

Petitions               V. Roddick: I rise today to present one-half of a petition, and my colleague from Vancouver-Fairview will present the other half, with over 22,000 signatures collected by members of Greenpeace asking the federal government to pursue and, on behalf of the people of British Columbia and the people of Canada, adopt truth in labelling — specifically, genetically modified products — which is highlighted in our provincial agriculture plan Growing a Healthy Future for B.C. Families.               Mr. Speaker: Member for Vancouver-Fairview with the other half.                G. Robertson: I rise to present a petition — the other half of the petition that the member for Delta South mentioned — from 10,691 people across B.C. concerned about the threats of genetically engineered foods posed to human health and environment. They are calling for mandatory labelling of genetically engineered foods through right-to-know legislation in this House and federally, which is now compulsory in 40 other nations.