DSC02014You know its going to be a rough day when you wake up to find your office quarantined, and Greenpeace declares you to be a biohazard to the province.  Gordon Campbell, who spent much of the morning dodging questions about his lying lobbyist, never came to the office today. It leaves me wondering, what is in his soup?  Check out the pictures and video below. 

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Photos by Jeff Birmingham/Greenpeace

You can download a petition to sign and send to Campbell. 

News Release:

Gordon Campbell declared “biohazard” on first annual GE Free Day

11 March 2008 (Vancouver) – Gordon Campbell is a biohazard to British Columbia for his continual refusal to label genetically engineered products, says Greenpeace, which today organized the province’s first annual GE Free Day

Greenpeace volunteers, dressed in contamination suits and masks, “quarantined” the premier’s office this morning with yellow hazard tape while holding signs that read “What’s in Your Food? Demand the Right to Know!”

More than 70 per cent of all products on grocery store shelves in B.C. today are tainted by genetic engineering, yet the provincial government, under the direction of Premier Campbell, has yet to take action. Greenpeace is demanding mandatory labelling of all GE products and is advocating for citizens who have so far been denied their right to this information. 

“British Columbians have waited seven years for Gordon Campbell to label genetically engineered foods, which even his own Provincial Health Officer has warned could pose serious risks to the environment and human health,” said Josh Brandon, agriculture campaigner with Greenpeace. “Campbell’s lack of policy direction is becoming a biohazard to the people of BC.” 

Mandatory labelling of GE products is already enforced in 40 other countries such as China, Germany, France, Russia and the UK, but Canada has yet to follow suit. Greenpeace created GE Free Day to raise public awareness and will continue to hold the provincial government to task until they commit to mandatory labelling.


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