Since the dawn of human civilization, cooking and feasting together has been part of who we are as humans.  Around the fire, around the table, by gathering  and sharing food, women and men learned to live together and celebrate their capacity to socialize and love each other. That aspect of us remains unchanged.

This week,  we captured a snippet of Emma Thompson demonstrating this spirit of cooperation and love by cooking a meal for the crew of the Greenpeace ship Esperanza

Emma is on the ship with her daughter Gaia, her fellow Canadian Cree actor Michelle Thrush and her daughter Imajyn, and the Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada, Joanna Kerr. They all sailed into the Arctic to bear witness to the beauty and fragility of this unique environment. This little moment of human solidarity - cooking for the crew - was part of a week-long trip where Emma, Michelle and their daughters visited a polar research station, met Indigenous people from the Arctic, and saw first hand the threats to the Arctic. 

There is something magical about Greenpeace ships. When celebrities come on board, they leave their celebrity behind and immediately blend in the most natural way. They roll up their sleeves and become part of the crew. They know they are there for something bigger than us all.

This time, that bigger thing was the Arctic.

(And by the way, we heard that those roasted eggplants tasted great!)

You can follow the Esperanza’s journey at Keep up with Emma’s guest tweets at @savethearctic, Gaia’s guest tweets at @gp_espy, Michelle’s tweets at @mizthrush and my own at @joannadkerr.