Dear Premier Redford:

I think Americans and Albertan’s deserve honesty. It’s part of the reason that I wrote you this letter after your very misleading USA Today ad.

But rather than be honest about Alberta’s poor environmental record and booming emissions, judging by your press release, the Alberta Government’s strategy is to continue the deception.

You know as well as I do that Alberta’s carbon tax has enough holes that you can build a tar sands industry through it. Carbon taxes are also supposed to reduce emissions and in Alberta emissions are set only to grow. You know the facts but here’s a quick refresher on just how pathetic the Alberta carbon tax you tout really is.

Your press release also touts Alberta’s investment in Carbon Capture and Storage. Really Premier Redford? You know that the carbon capture programs are dropping like flies. So why are you touting a program you know has been a failure to US democratic representatives?

Be honest Premier Redford. Be honest about the fact that Alberta has the highest emissions in the country. Be honest that despite a commitment to have a world class independent monitoring system years later it’s still not in-place and not independent. Be honest that despite commitments to end toxic tailing lakes they continue to grow. Be honest about the thousands of treaty rights violations the government is being sued for because of the impacts of tar sands development.

Be honest Premier Redford, it’s really the least you could do.