The World According to MonsantoWhat do Europeans know that Canadians don’t?  For one they know if their food contains genetically engineered ingredients, because they have mandatory GE labelling.  Now, Europeans are learning about The World According to Monsanto, thanks to a new film by French film maker, Marie-Monique Robin.  It airs tomorrow around the world, but not in Canada in French or English.  The movie portrays Montsanto as an “industrial empire, built upon lies, collusion with the American government, pressure and attempted corruption.”   A fine source of food monopoly and genetic engineering. 

Stay tuned for future broadcasts and viewing of the film in your region.  In Vancouver, Greenpeace holds a monthly movie night.  We will show The World According to Monsanto when it becomes available.  In the meantime, Hijacked Future, A film about seeds, climate change, and the future of agriculture airs March 22 on Global TV stations across Canada.

Premiere of "Hijacked Future" - A film about seeds, climate change, and the future of agriculture

It's 7 am: do you know where your toast came from? Eating breakfast toast: a simple ritual to start the day. The bread probably came from a bakery or grocery store, but beyond that who knows where the wheat came from – never mind the seeds that grew the wheat. Do we need to know?

A new one-hour documentary created by award-winning producer David Springbett, Hijacked Future says yes, because those seeds that became the toast you ate this morning are being hijacked – right into a looming world food security catastrophe.

Airing March 22 on Global Television, Hijacked Future warns that our current agricultural system is unsustainable - one that will be unable to support us and our grandchildren in the future. It's an increasingly fragile system that literally runs on oil – from fertilizers and pesticides, to the trucks and planes that transport food – and is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. And the source of our food – seeds – is being hijacked by a handful of corporations from the farmers who have for millennia, grown and saved them.

Should anybody, the film asks, own seeds? Hijacked Future takes us from the grain fields of Saskatchewan, to farmers and seed banks in Ethiopia, to north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, where the "Doomsday" vault is stockpiling seeds for use in the event of a global crisis.

As the film says, "It all starts with the seed, and the stakes are high… because who controls the seed, controls the food… Who will control the seeds we plant, and the food we put on our tables?" Will our future be… Hijacked?

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Tune in to the broadcast premier on Global Currents on Global Television March 22, 2008 – check local listings for time.

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