When Canada’s federal and provincial energy ministers sit down on Monday to talk about a national energy strategy, a big chunk of the tab will be picked up by Canada’s biggest oil companies

Since we can’t match Exxon or Enbridge dollar for dollar, we thought we’d offer to sponsor the energy minister’s wardrobe by providing these stylish t-shirts (but you can get one too). 

Or even better, politicians could turn down both our offers and make the choice between energy futures based on their merits rather than the gift bags.

One option is to give into the oil companies demands for a radical expansion of tar sands production. They'd still have to ram through the new pipelines this requires and pray that there will still be a market for dirty oil in the coming decades, even if this means that the climate goes haywire.

But we hope they'll check out what is behind door number two: a phase-out of oil, coal and gas by ramping-up the efficient use of renewable energy as part of building a more prosperous and just society that is safe from the threat of global warming. 

Kind of like what the t-shirt says.