Endangered CaribouWho would you bet on? Endangered Caribou or the oil and gas industry?

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki is airing a show on Thursday March 21, 2013 (and available online after that) on the last remaining and very threatened herds of caribou left in Alberta. Caribou that are struggling to survive in the face of rampant oil and gas development and habitat destruction by the logging industry. Canada's most endangered herd - the Little Smoky - which has been a concern of Greenpeace for many years - is featured prominently in the episode. This is a herd that has long suffered, first due to logging by forestry companies like West Fraser, which produces pulp and lumber sold throughout North America and in Europe, and by the expansion of oil and gas development. 

Rather than stop habitat destruction and attempt to restore some of the forests that the caribou call home, the Alberta government, always at the forefront of environmental protection (!), has chosen to kill about 100 wolves a year for the past eight years to prevent the caribou from going extinct. It's not working. 

Watch the episode and come back here to take action for forests and the wildlife who call them home.