Our Director of Greenpeace in Quebec, Éric Darier, spoke to CKUT yesterday about the biotechnology conference happening in Montreal right now.  He warned Canadians to beware of the flood of greenwash coming out of the event, where industry is expected to continue to push biomass-based technologies, which as we've mentioned before are a very, very bad idea.  Eric says: “The biotech industry is seeking massive public and private investment for their untested technologies, whose health and environmental impacts have not been fully examined. Rather than be duped by yet another green mirage, governments should invest in real solutions to climate change and get serious about reducing CO2 emissions and commit to solutions that we know work -- like energy saving.”

Listen to the entire CKUT interview (starts about 8 minutes from the beginning) Eric Darier Interview on CKUT

Read Éric's blog on Greenpeace Canada - French