Major customers of Boreal logging companies sent Greenpeace a letter today.  Actually, they sent it to all of us involved in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA), 9 environmental organizations and 19 forest companies operating in the Boreal Forest.  They wanted to mark the completion of the first caribou conservation plan in two years since the Agreement was signed and to remind us that conservation of the Boreal Forest is far from over. 

I will let them speak for themselves.

June    28,   2012  

Re:  1st  Caribou  Action  Plan  under  Canadian  Boreal  Forest  Agreement     

CBFA  signatories,  

As  major  customers  of  Boreal  forest    products,  we  are  writing  to  mark  the  completion  of  the  Canadian    Boreal  Forest   Agreement’s  first    caribou  action  plan.  Though  we  understand  that    the  caribou  action  plan    for  the  Abitibi  River  Forest    was  under  development prior  to  the  signing  of  the  agreement,    we  know    it is  the  first    step  towards  securing  the  certainty  for  this  region  of  Ontario.  It    also  provides  an  example  for    other  areas  of  Canada’s  Boreal  forest  in  the  further  work    required  to  secure  conservation  and  sustainable    forestry  improvements.          

 As  members  of  the  Agreement’s  Boreal  Business  Forum,  our  role  has  been  to  objectively  support and  track    progress    on  the  implementation  of  the  Agreement.  The  Canadian  Boreal  Forest  Agreement    commits    signatories  to  jointly  build a    stronger  forest    sector  by  creating  both  Protected  Areas  and  Caribou  Action    Plans  recommendations  and  for  these  to  then  be  forwarded  to  First    Nations  and  provincial  governments    for  consideration  and  approval.     After  two  years,  this  plan  for  the  Abitibi  River  Forest    represents  the  first    outcome  of  the  Canadian  Boreal  Forest    Agreement.     We  hope  that    signatories  will  work    quickly  to  catch    up  and  achieve  their  next    milestone  by  completing  a    Protected  Areas  Plan  for  the  region,  advance  the    implementation  of  ecosystem  based  management    practices  and  expedite  planning  across  the  rest    of  the    tenures  under  the  Agreement. 

As  you  know,  there  is  a    growing  market    for  responsible  forest    products  that    will  reward  companies  that    support    new  protected  areas  and  improved  management    practices  that    preserve  the  ecology  of  the  forest.    As  major  purchasers  of  Boreal  Forest    products,  our  companies  desire  certainty  on  the  land  base  from    which    we  are  sourcing  products  and  thus  the  completion  of  protected  areas  proposals  for  Abitibi  River    Forest  and  the  rest    of  the  Boreal  Forest    is    needed.  

Congratulations achieving  this  plan  for  the  Ontario’s  North  East    Abitibi  River  Forest.




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