Sarah King 
May 3, 2010

The catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is devastating marine life and coastal livelihoods. Greenpeace has a team on the ground. For recent pictures of the spill and clean up efforts click here. Follow the latest updates here.

Obama has suspended plans for the expansion of offshore drilling. With plans for more seismic testing/oil exploration in the Arctic without any proper investigation into the potential impacts, and the BC government's attempt to lift the offshore oil and gas moratorium on the West coast, we need to tell Harper the threat of such a catastrophy in our waters is unacceptable. We must cut our addiction to oil and support renewable energy. If we allow super tankers and offshore oil drilling in our waters it isn't 'if there is a spill' it is 'when there is a spill' and once there is a spill, the damage is already done.

Email him at tell him we don't want this...

Gulf Oil Spill