The Canadian Environmental Commissioner released a scathing report yesterday, which highlights the major gap between the federal government’s commitments and actual action. While the government has gained political capital by creating national parks, the audit shows that the government has cut funding to parks by 15% in the last year, and more cuts are expected. This is a major problem considering the majority of Canada’s national parks have out-dated management plans, which combined with a serious shortage of staff and resources, will jeopardize the “ecological integrity” of Canada’s protected areas and their contribution to maintaining biodiversity.

Canada will also likely fail on its 2020 commitments under Convention for Biological Diversity, a United Nations treaty that Canada has signed. The Environmental Commissioner points out that Canada hasn’t even drafted a strategic plan for how to achieve its commitments, let alone start implementing them. As reported by the Toronto Star, that means Canada’s “biodiversity promise is dead in the water.”

Read the whole report at here.

This is bad news for our species-at-risk and wilderness spaces. Greenpeace is calling for the protection of species-at-risk, such as woodland caribou, as well as remaining intact forests in Canada, which are rich in biodiversity.