Today, on World Oceans Day, a shark and some Greenpeace volunteers took to the streets to ask Vancouverites to urge Clover Leaf, Canada's largest brand of unsustainable tuna, to honour the day by committing to switch to sourcing only ocean-friendly tuna.

Following the release of Greenpeace's second annual canned tuna sustainability ranking in March, we've been wondering if Clover Leaf would commit to change their destructive ways. So far no luck for Clover Leaf customers.

World Oceans Day should be a day to celebrate the beauty and diversity of marine life. But it's tough knowing that tuna from unhealthy stocks and other amazing creatures like sharks, rays, sea turtles, trigger fish, seabirds and even marine mammals are being needlessly killed in destructive tuna fisheries that are plundering our oceans to fill cans like those carrying the Clover Leaf label. There are better options. Other Canadian brands are starting to realize that the oceans and their customers deserve better and have begun to commit to move away from these wasteful practices towards cleaner ones. Gold Seal and Ocean Brands, two of Clover Leaf's major competitors, are on the right track, along with some private label brands of our biggest supermarket chains.



Take Action! Text 14163475759 and demand a switch to ocean-friendly tuna!

Enough is enough, Clover Leaf. Your products shouldn't occupy space in Canadian stores until you start respecting the lifeblood of your business - our oceans. Greenpeace will keep warning consumers of this irresponsible brand until Clover Leaf changes its ways.

For more information about Clover Leaf's canned tuna click here.