Local communities are once again on the front lines of efforts to keep our west coast pristine.  Save Howe Sound is a local group of citizens who keep an eye on the world class beauty Howe Sound. They are promoting awareness of the potential impact of the Burnco 190 Acre Open Pit Gravel Mine for McNab Creek and the need of a long term Howe Sound land resource management plan.

Howe Sound is one of Canada's most majestic and bio-diverse outdoor playgrounds. Less than a half hour's drive from downtown Vancouver, the Sound is a popular day trip destination for hikers, boaters, scuba divers and visiting tourists. Due to the rich array of sea life in this delicate ecosystem, marine scientists from local universities and the Vancouver Aquarium have studied and documented 650 different species of fish and countless rare and endangered invertebrates.

This paradise is being threatened by a proposed massive gravel mine. Burnco, Inc. would like to dig a 77-hectare, 55 meter deep open-pit quarry where they will mine, crush, and process aggregate on site. Not only would this operation create a visual eyesore for miles around—including along the scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway—but the noise and vibrations would almost certainly drive away the majority of marine and animal life, including orcas, dolphins, elk, bald eagles and countless other rare species who call these waters home. In addition, those who live near sizable gravel quarries report significant adverse effects and negative impacts on their human health, air quality and the local environment.

Save Howe Sound (Again) is a group committed to ensuring that the general public knows about this mine application.  They have an interest in peacefully stopping this mine and in creating a long term Howe Sound land use plan.  While Greenpeace takes on mega-corporations like Enbridge and Kinder Morgan in support of First Nations efforts to keep their coast clean, local communities are keeping a watchful eye on other development proposals that present a risk to the environment, particularly in the absence of a comprehensive land use plan for the region that takes into account cumulative impacts.

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