It’s been two weeks now since the people of LEGOLAND rose up in protest against LEGO’s corporate partnership with Shell.

The people of LEGOLAND are upset because LEGO, one of the world’s most popular toy companies, is producing Shell-branded LEGO toys, lending its popularity to prop up Shell’s tarnished brand and giving Shell direct access to our children’s minds. Shell has even boasted about using children to get at their parents, and using LEGO to get at children. We’re upset too.
Shell is leading the charge to drill for oil in the icy Arctic waters of North America, a risky play which threatens the Arctic and its peoples with catastrophic oil spills and even faster warming than they’re already experiencing. Shell is engaged in a dangerous business which threatens all of our futures, especially our kids'.

We recognize that it’s not OK for tobacco companies to promote themselves to children because of the dangerous side effects of the product they sell. Given the seriousness of the climate crisis, and that public-health experts are saying Canada’s most pressing public-health issue is climate change, it’s time to do the same for fossil fuel companies.

Now we need your help to make the LEGOLAND protests spread even further.
This is the moment you and your kids (if you have kids) have been waiting for: you get to play with toys AND help protect our environment, at the same time!

Who says saving the world has to be all self-restraint and seriousness?
Get out your bucket of LEGOs and go build something cool to send a message to LEGO that you care about the Arctic and kids’futures and you want them to #DropShell.

It can be simple or complex, small or large, serious or goofy. Just GO BUILD something!
And when you’re done, take a photo and:

1)    Tweet it @LEGO_Group and tell them to #BlockShell
2)    Upload it to the Go Build gallery (and be sure to check out other people’s creations)
3)    Share it on your Facebook or other social media and ask your friends to sign our petition to LEGO (and make sure you’ve signed the petition too!)

We’ve got a toolkit, materials and resources to help you make your creations totally, fanshmabulously, zip-zoop-zabulously, awesome.

If you have any questions or want any guidance in using the toolkit, feel free to contact Alex at .

Happy building! ☺