The Cree call for protection of the Broadback Valley Endangered ForestThe Grand Council of the Crees and the Cree First Nations communities in the Broadback Valley of Quebec (Waskaganish, Nemaska, Waswanipi, Ouje-Bougoumou and Mistissini) have launched a public campaign to save the forests of their traditional territories. They are calling on Premier Marois and the Quebec government  to protect more than 13 000 km2 of intact forest and to put into place special management in another 11 000 km2 of forest on their traditional territories.

For more than four years Greenpeace has been working to support the Cree in their goal of saving the Broadback Valley. The Broadback Valley is one of five priority Endangered Forests that require urgent protection - under threat from expanding and destructive logging and roadbuilding. It encompasses some of the best and last remaining habitat for woodland caribou in the province. 

With the Cree's unified campaign, a supportive marketplace which wants protection for this area and thousands of people standing with the hundreds of Cree community members, now's the time to protect the Broadback Valley. 

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