In response to our recently released report on the McGuinty Government’s failing management of Ontario’s forests Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey has feigned some surprise, saying: 

I try to understand the motivation for putting this report out now, but I guess we all know it is political season. In the past, Greenpeace has been pretty constructive working with us.

Greenpeace and our supporters have for a long time communicated our concerns to the government. We are always willing to play a constructive role and talk. Unfortunately with this particular government, that is exactly all they want to do – talk.

Ontario’s Boreal Forest and the people who call it home need concrete action, not more words and political spin, to address the wide range of issues that have arisen under the McGuinty government’s watch and which we have highlighted in our report. It is way past time they started matching words with deeds.

This old way of doing things has NOT provided us with concrete action to prevent woodland caribou extinction in Ontario.

It has NOT prevented massive clearcuts from continuing.

It has NOT tapped into the tremendous potential for sustainable jobs in a green forest economy.

And it most certainly has not supported the treaty rights of First Nations and their right to free, prior and informed consent on their traditional territories.

For most people, these are important issues that need real solutions. We have worked in partnership under the auspices of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement to jointly develop solutions and conservation proposals. In our report, we have provided some of these solutions. The Minister can continue to talk, but her audience will only get smaller.