North Pole Expedition

On skis across the ice, towing their packs and equipment on sleighs during a week-long expedition to reach the geographic North Pole, a team of 16 campaigners are braving the remoteness of the Arctic to declare it a global sanctuary.

And an unexpected opportunity, weather permitting, to meet several influential officials from the Arctic Council — the governing body comprised of foreign ministers and senior officials from Arctic states — has quickened their pace.

At the top of the planet, on the ice, Greenpeace and four youth ambassadors aim to meet with Gustaf Lind, the Swedish chair of the Arctic Council’s Senior Arctic Officials, and other officials who are on a separate trip to the North Pole.

The ambassadors include two Arctic Indigenous representatives from Canada and Sweden, a young man from the Seychelles and an actor from New York.

Together they intend to challenge the Arctic Council, calling on it to protect the region and support the demand of 2.7 million people who signed a declaration calling for the uninhabited areas around the Pole to be put off-limits to industry.

Towards the end of this week, the trekkers also plan to lower a time capsule containing the signatures and a 'Flag for the Future' through 4.3 km of freezing water to the seabed beneath the North Pole, to signify the global significance of the Arctic.

As climate change melts the Arctic sea ice to record lows, opening up its waters to exploitation of the region's oil, minerals and fish, the fragile Arctic environment is vulnerable and needs protection.

No one nation should own the Arctic or be allowed to exploit the melting sea ice for more of the fuels that caused the melt in the first place. This is the moment when we need to turn the tide and #SaveTheArctic.

This is why Greenpeace is going to the North Pole. This is also why four young ambassadors are coming with us and this is why millions of people around the world are demanding action from global powers to protect the Arctic.

This is just one expedition, a cold one, and not the end of the campaign, but together we go. Together #2ThePole.