landraces varieties of mexican 2The future of world agriculture is at stake this week in Johannesburg.  Hundreds of the worlds top scientists in a United Nations led process have done a review of global agricultural policies, and the result is a damning indictment of industrial agriculture.  The so-called ‘Green Revolution’, which foisted artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and monocrop agriculture on the developing world is destroying the soil, polluting the air and water and driving farmers into debt, poverty and dislocation.  Genetically engineered crops are a false dead end solution.  New agriculture policies must concentrate on small scale, organic, and traditional farming.  They must empower women and acknowledge indigenous knowledge.  Farmers must be paid for the ecological goods and services they reproduce.  This assessment comes from a wide ranging body that spent years pouring over the latest global research on agriculture and development.  

In Johannesburg, it’s up to the world’s governments to adopt this report as part of the International Agriculture Assessment.  I will at the meeting and providing regular updates for Greenpeace Blog readers.  You can help the the world move to a more ecological and socially just farming future by Canadian government and asking them to support the adoption the International Agriculture Assessment.  While you are at it, tell Minister Ritz you want him to vote yes on mandatory GE labelling Bill C-517!

Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agrifoods,

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