Last week inside the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Cancun there were a number of protests at the Moon Palace. These actions took place alongside a vast array of civil society events during the week and into the weekend concluding with a mass mobilization. These actions and activities were organized by Indigenous, environmental and grassroots organizations to bring to the forefront issues that are plaguing communities around the globe due to climate change.

On Thursday, Indigenous peoples being impacted by tar sands development held an action inside COP16 on Thursday to expose the Canadian government’s refusal to address climate change and discuss the effects the Tar Sands are having on Indigenous communities across North America.

By Sunday there was a mass demonstration organized by the international movement La Via Campesina where upwards of 1000 people took to the streets. People from all corners of the globe marched in unity to demand governments to reduce fossil fuel based development and make real commitments to addressing climate change.

Unlike last year in Copenhagen where there was one main civil society space known as the KlimaForum, here in Cancun there are three spaces: La Via Campesina, EsMex, as well as KlimaForum (plus 2 UN designated NGO zones – Cancun Messe & Villa de Cambio Climatica).  There have been hundreds of side events, plenaries, workshops and various functions that are taking place throughout Cancun.

I am honoured to be sharing space with so many activists from around the globe that are demanding the change we need in this world.

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