Greenpeace has set off on a four week Sustainable Tuna Tour across Quebec and the Maritimes. We’ll be popping up in over 20 small towns and cities to raise awareness about what it takes to get those cans of tuna off the shelf at your local grocery store, and to mobilize eastern Canadians to help urge the country’s biggest brand of canned tuna, Clover Leaf, to stop sourcing from destructive fisheries and switch to ocean-friendly tuna.

Since the release of our Canned Tuna Sustainability Ranking in March, we’ve been on the streets in Toronto and Vancouver letting people know which brands are starting to do their part to ensure greener tuna and which brands are failing to take the plunge for real ocean protection. Well below the company’s main competitors, Clover Leaf ranked in the middle of the stack of fourteen brands this year, with a clear decision to be made: will the tuna giant commit to change its tuna or will it fall to the bottom of the ranks with other brands that don’t deserve shelf space in Canada’s retail market? We’ve decided that they need a little extra incentive so we’re hoping to enlist a bunch of new tuna and ocean lovers to help us Change Clover Leaf!

The tour will stop at popular summer hangouts like beaches, festivals and, of course, places to grab your summer snacks – supermarkets. We have created an interactive map to allow people to see where we’ll be and track where we’ve been. Tour participants, including our shark mascots, will be posting regular updates and photos from the events. We may be visiting your town or a town near you, so check out the map to see where and when we’ll be nearby, and what we’ll be up to. We’ll be encouraging people to take a picture with our sharks, post it to their Facebook page, encourage their friends to share it and contact Clover Leaf to request that they change their destructive ways.

If you’re on Facebook, join to stay up to date on the tour and our Clover Leaf campaign, or you can subscribe at to be notified about activities and progress toward ensuring Clover Leaf changes its tuna.

Together, we can change Clover Leaf.