Have you seen Efficientcity?  It's a great interactive website from Greenpeace UK that demonstrates how renewable energy could be used in an urban setting.  It's a fun way to take a look at some of the technologies discussed in Canada's Energy [R]evoloution, our comprehensive look at Canada-specific solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining economic growth for the new century.  These solutions include photovoltaics (solar panels), solar thermal concentrating power stations, wind power and ocean energy.

I like how Efficientcity depicts a traditional British High Street - it's a reminder that investing in sustainable technology doesn't have to mean just investing in turbines and exotic new technology.  There's plenty that we can do right now with our existing structures, from simple things like upgrading our home insulation to more involved (yet surprisingly cost-effective) things like installing geothermal heat and cooling, or installing a green roof.  Take a walk around your neigbhourhood.  How could city government and developers put the efficient back into your city?