Pekanbaru from a bird's eye view. Visibility was reported at 1km.
© Greenpeace / Vinai Dithajohn


Last Friday, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the US declared that there was "overwhelming" evidence that "greenhouse gases in the atmosphere endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations" because they lead to climate change.  "It's about time" said our friends at Greenpeace USA.  Well, we think it's about time for Health Canada to step up and make a similar declaration!  Oh...wait...they already have.
In "Human Health in a Changing Climate: A Canadian Assessment of Vulnerabilities and Adaptive Capacity", released last summer, they concluded that "climate variables and climate hazards directly and indirectly impact the health and well-being of Canadians. Climate change will increase risks to health." (emphasis ours).  The media has jumped on the EPA finding, holding it up as evidence that the Obama administration is taking a stand on climate change.  Canada's report was released quietly last summer, and was not made available online.  A number of bloggers, including our friends over at DeSmogBlog have made it available for your online perusal.
The Global Warming Director of the US National Wildlife Federation has called the EPA's finding "the single largest step the federal government has taken to fight climate change."  Canadian doctors take Climate Change seriously (PDF) -   Tell Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq that you want our report to receive the urgent attention it deserves.