Earlier this week, conservation group ForestEthics took 3M, the maker of Post-it Notes, to task for promoting greenwash through the use of Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) labelling and the destruction of old-growth forests around the world. ForestEthics spoke loud and clear, by hanging a 40 foot Post-it Note off the Washington Bridge in Minneapolis on Monday.

One of the problems ForestEthics has with 3M is the company’s sourcing from the Dryden pulp mill in northwestern Ontario. The Dryden mill, owned by Domtar, sources from the Trout Lake Forest, which is part of the Trout Lake-Caribou Endangered Forest Area. This area was identified by Greenpeace earlier this year as a forest region with particular ecological, social and cultural value, which faces imminent threat from logging. The Trout Lake-Caribou Endangered Forest, as its name suggests, is home to critical habitat for the threatened woodland caribou and contains some of the last remaining intact forest in Ontario’s commercial forest zone.

This important area faces threats from Domtar, as well as Resolute Forest Products, which operates in multiple forest tenures in the region and operate several mills. Resolute is the largest logging company in Canada, and is responsible for logging in Endangered Forests in both in Ontario and Quebec.

Call on Resolute to stop logging in Endangered Forests – take action today!