News out of France this morning should be a warning to Ontario's McGuinty government to drop its nuclear plans and go green.   AREVA has announced that the reactor its building at Flamanville in France has been delayed and won't start up until 2013 instead of 2012.  Construction began just last December. 

The only two reactors under construction in the Western World, then, are delayed.  AREVA's other construction project in Finland is 3 years behind schedule and billions over budget.

This news doesn't bode well for the McGuinty government, which wants to have new reactors operating by 2018.   Every delay in new reactor construction will push Ontario to increase fossil generation and greenhouse gas emissions or run geriatric  reactors past their safe end date.

The reactors that AREVA is building in Finland and France have been touted as 'flagships' of the so-called nuclear rennaissance.  Indeed, they're a sign of what Ontario can expect if the McGuinty government doesn't abandon its nuclear plants.