Yet another bad news story out of France today for AREVA, one the three companies vying to sell its reactor design to Ontario.

According to the French newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné the construction of its EPR reactor at Flammanville in France is already nine months behind schedule after just nine months of construction.

The Flammanville project is AREVA's second attempt at building the EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) and it seems headed down the same road of delays, cost over-runs and safety problems.

The Finnish Olkiluoto-3 project is two years behind schedule and more than more than 2 billion Euros over budget (about 3 billion dollars). The project has also been plagued with safety problems.

Ontario is currently considering bids by AREVA, AECL and Westinghouse to build reactors in Ontario.

The EPR, the only of the three reactors under construction anywhere in the world, has been promoted as the flagship of the so-called 'nuclear renaissance'. We should take the EPR's problems in Europe as a sign of what the nuclear renaissance look like in Ontario if the McGuinty government continues with its plan to build new reactors. It'll mean delays and electricity shortages, cost over-runs paid for by the rate-payer and safety standards being compromised in the rush to build reactors quickly.

Not a bright future for Ontario.