Right to KnowThis morning, Greenpeace activists quarantined BC Premier, Gordon Campbell’s constituency office in Vancouver to protest his refusal to implement mandatory labelling of genetically engineered foods.  The activists hung banners that read “What’s in your food? Demand the right to know” and “Campbell’s Genetically engineered BC”. The morning action kicked off GE Free Day, a province wide day of action to celebrate GE Free food and to protest the release of GE in our food system and our environment.  To find out more about GE Free Day, go to www.greenpeace.ca/cropcircle


Media Advisory: Greenpeace to “quarantine” Premier Campbell’s office to mark GE Free Day 10 March 2008 (Vancouver) – Tomorrow marks the first annual GE Free Day in the province, says Greenpeace Canada, who organized the province-wide celebration in protest of the genetic engineering of food and crops.  Several events will mark the occasion, including a simulated “quarantine” at Premier Campbell’s office, where Greenpeace activists dressed in contamination suits and masks will drape yellow hazard tap across the building. The activists aim to draw attention to the need for mandatory labelling of GE products in the province. There will also be petition signings and film screenings for mandatory labelling legislation in several locations, including UBC. Greenpeace will also meet with students at both Capilano College in North Vancouver and Simon Fraser University in Burnaby to raise food awareness. “GE Free Day is an opportunity for British Columbians to express their right to know what’s in our food,” said Josh Brandon, Greenpeace agriculture campaigner. “We hope this day will be followed by the introduction of mandatory labelling legislation for GE products, so that we won’t be here next year marking the passage of time as the government ignores public opinion and the findings of its own Provincial Health Office.” This province-wide day of action comes amid heightened worldwide awareness surrounding these issues, as indicated by the Pope’s recent declaration that genetic experimentation is a sin, and shortly before the week-long global GE conference being held in Cartagena, Colombia, beginning on 12 March. Who:               Greenpeace Canada What:              GE Free Day, a province-wide day of awareness When:                         9:30 a.m., Tuesday, 11 March 2008Where:            Premier Gordon Campbell’s office, 3615 W 4th Avenue