The latest episode of the GPC podcast covers the birds and the bees. We look at what the buzz is around bees.

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These photos give you a clue. They are the prime pollinators for many of the crops we eat.                                          

 It's great that bees and beekeeping are incredibly popular, because bees are dying in crazy numbers and  One of the things killing them has been banned in Europe. Be the one in the know ( and learn a $10 word) in a bee conversation near you, as Mark Flogel explains. ( Top left image: Foods pollinated by bees. Bottom left image: Foods not pollinated by bees.)

If you want to help Greenpeace save the bees visit

If you don't want to, there's this.

You may have been one of the nine and a half million people who’ve seen the trailer online for BC based cinematographer Jan Vozenehlick’s movie, Midway. Set on the island of Midway in the north Pacific, it shows how a discarded lighter can affect birds and the ocean thousands of kilometers away.  Jan explains why birds eat plastic and how those lighters are never disposable. For wild images of what’s in the belly of an albatross.  

If you want to read some of our ocean campaigner Sarah King’s ideas on plastics in the ocean, and ideas on how you can reduce your use of plastics (matches > plastic lighters) read her blog.

Want to save the ocean but love to eat fish? There is only one  question you have to ask in the store or the restaurant. And even if the waiter lies to you, keep asking. It’s what Chef Robert Clark – owner of Vancouver’s hip store/fish bar, The Fish Counter – says is the higher truth.