In spring of 2013 Greenpeace organized 16 people to go on a trek to the North Pole as part of our campaign to Save the Arctic, since as a planet, we need the Arctic and we need it frozen. Arctic campaigner Farrah Khan explains why in our environmental word of the month. 

But first...that huge, cold, hard  trek. Sixteen amateur hikers head to the North Pole, with a mission.  Rob Rosenthal compiled that report. Rob teaches radio at the Transom Story Workshop in Cape Cod.


We wear light colours in the summer and darker ones in the winter. This is not just fashion rules. It’s science. You wear the white tee shirt in the summer because you get too hot in the black one.

And the science part of this is the albeedoh of the tee shirt. Basically (very basically ) the albeedoh effect is why we need the Arctic to stay in its white tee shirt and stay frozen. And we really do need the Arctic to be frozen.  connects the dots.

The sea ice in the Arctic is melting really quickly and the exposed sea -  the black tee shirt - is holding more heat. 

Farrah Khan Arctic campaigner

Both processes  - melting ice and warming water - are speeding up climate change like crazy. And worse, less ice means that oil companies are racing north to drill in the Arctic, further destroying a huge ecosystem which is preventing climate change.

Arctic campaigner Farrah Khan connects the albeedoh effect to climate change.

To learn more about our work in the Arctic go here.

Farrah Khan Arctic campaigner
Ronny Ferrer  has been cooking for Greenpeace crews as they travel to the Arctic Circle and  the seas and everyone onboard quickly learns that whenever Ronny is in that galley cooking, he’ll be singing…