This month we salute the Rainbow Warrior returning to the city where Greenpeace was born, Vancouver B.C.

In our first report on this episode Sarah Reynolds reminds us why the RW is central to Canadian’s environmental history and how Greenpeace plans to keep it that way. 

If you live near the B.C. coast you may want to visit the brand new version of this iconic ship that brought environmentalism off the fringes and deep into the frontlines of international politics.

If you want to follow the Rainbow Warrior as it heads to Canada or plan on a visit, all the info is here. If you are unable to visit the RW in person you can learn more about it here.

And we have a FB page with all the current information about the Rainbow Warrior.

If you’re looking for a jolly tour check out the crew’s spoof of the popular Gangum style video:

Though that video is fun but it also reminds us of the dangers to those on the boats. Our hearts are never far from our colleagues sitting in a Russian jail because they peacefully protested the destruction of the Arctic. One of those detained is Dima Litvinov. In Sarah Reynold’s story you can hear what years of being on the GP ships has meant to him. 

Please tell the Russian government to free our activists. Please support their swift release from this unlawful detention. Sign this letter.

Our environmental word of the month is an acronym, FADS or fish aggregating devices. They are the worst way to catch fish and our oceans campaign is trying to push companies to source their fish more sustainably. 

That’s why we rank canned tuna as to which is worse for the ocean and which is less so. Is the biggest tuna seller in Canada leading the sustainable pack? No.

And finally who coined the phrase that became our name, Greenpeace? It was a nice guy from Vernon B.C, Bill Darnell. He tells us what happened.