Blog entry by Ana Terrazas, Greenpeace Forest Team Intern

Greenpeace, in its ongoing joint efforts with ForestEthics Solutions and Sierra Club BC to safeguard the Great Bear Rainforest (GBR) has launched a contest that will take you into one of the richest and most intact ecosystems in North America: the Great Bear Rainforest!

The GBR is one of the world's largest remaining intact coastal temperate rainforests. Stretching from the Discovery Islands to British Columbia’s border with Alaska, it is the only place in the world for the Kermode bear- also known as the mythic Spirit Bear. It is also the home to grizzlies, unique coastal grey wolves, elks, mountain goats, eagles and five different species of wild Pacific salmon.

The GBR is the traditional territories of First Nations communities who have called the area home for thousands of years, and their culture and identity is closely tied to the land and the ocean that surrounds them.

For the past fifteen years Greenpeace has been working with its environmental allies, industry, the BC Government and First Nations to protect this very special place from unsustainable logging. Agreements were reached in 2006 and 2009 that preserved a third of the rainforest, while also allowing First Nations and the BC government to work and take decisions together. Even though this was a great start it is not enough. We need to continue the protection of the GBR, with the goal to set aside 70% of old-growth ecosystems across the area by next year, and with your help this is possible. Sign the Take It Taller petition and help us raise awareness by participating in our talent contest that could take you to the Great Bear Rainforest!

One lucky person will win a free trip for two and a guided tour in the Great Bear Rainforest kindly donated by Spirit Bear Lodge. The flight (from Vancouver, BC), lodge stay and guided tour are all part of the contest (trip is valued at $6,500). To enter you simply need to shows us your creativity and uniqueness through any media (video, painting, photos, dance, etc.) and the meaning or importance that the Great Bear Rainforest has to you. The entry with the most votes from peers and admirers will make it to a shortlist of five. A committee will review the five most voted-on entries and pick the winner. The deadline to enter is June 18th, 2012 and the selection process starts on June 25th.